Art for Social Good

Create Change! Make a Difference with Art! Inspire Your Members!

For many years ArtWare for Good has helped schools and nonprofit groups forward initiatives to help children through the Universal Language of Art.

We have programs tailored for:

  • Schools and Social Interest Groups 
  • Nonprofits 
  • Corporate Charitable Team  Building

    supplying solar powered light to schools in Uganda where children have to strain to read in their windowless dark classrooms Imagine a preschoolers delight in Rwanda when they are given their very first picture book to ownImagine the pure joy and life skills learned by creating a scholarship for an inner city kid in America to go to sleep away camp for two weeks.

    We have the honor of collaborating with the following non-profits to help them bring awareness, funds, beauty and change to the causes they support with the creation and installation of our art tile walls.  These walls are true masterpieces of art that you create based on the theme of the initiative. Your art will be transformed to a tile and added to these walls joining hundreds of others who are doing the same.

    all artware collaborations


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