Art Tile Walls for Schools, Groups and Nonprofit Organizations

COMMEMORATE, Celebrate, Create Community with legacy tile walls

Our Art Tile Wall programs are a wonderful way to create community art installations in schools, both private and public, non-profits, churches, synagogues, corporations and other organizations. They are wonderful for commemorative, legacy and donor recognition walls and service learning initiatives.

We have programs tailored for Schools and Social Interest Groups as well as Nonprofits and Corporate Charitable Team Building, as well as YMCAs and Libraries.


  • Honor the artistic talents of all of your students, congregations and members.
  • Run a creative fundraiser that fosters community while raising funds
  • Spruce up the walls of an older institution
  • Commemorate an important event
  • Recognize donors
  • Raise funds for important school projects

Legacy Tile Walls to celebrate, commemorate and honor

  • A milestone or honor a favored leader or member of your community
  • Your graduates with an annual tradition
  • A new building or wing with a school wide tile mural

Donor Recognition Walls

  • Recognize your donors in a unique and impactful way
  • Inspire greater engagement, participation and support
  • In a lasting permanent work


  • Apply for grants from various community art and education foundations.
  • Pay for the walls out of capital campaign budgets or PTA funds.
  • Sell the tiles to participants at a profit or simply pass on the cost.
  • Enlist community to subsidize the cost of the wall.

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