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I am sure you will agree with me that donors like to be thanked.  I am also sure that you will agree that many donors liked to be thanked by seeing their name in print – displayed permanently  for all to see.

The big guys get their names on buildings like PNC Bank Arts Center and Citi Field.

Now ArtWare has a very artful way for you to honor your donors…….. on a lasting tile wall installation.

For ArtWare it started with the Westfield Area YMCA – it was 2012 and we had just completed the installation of an art tile wall in their Aquatics arena that was a sea and water themed mural with art from over 100 children.  Delighted with the end result and our services the Y asked if we had an idea for a donor recognition wall for their main lobby that was sophisticated and colorful and could grow with time as they were embarking on a multiyear capital campaign program – oh and it had to tie in to the new branding of the Y.  I asked them to give me a few days to come up with something.

The next morning while in the shower (where I do some of my best brainstorming), I had a vision of satin tiles filled with the branded colors of the Y – with customized messages on all and logo tiles here and there…. voila….

Fast forward to 2017 and we are currently creating similar walls for 7 other Y’s

This is a massive donor wall we completed for the Middletown Y in New York – to thank donors who contributed to their new pool and aquatics arena. I so enjoyed seeing the guests search for and snap pictures of their tiles.

We have worked with several other nonprofits utilizing the same concept with customization to fit their own brand and desired end result.

One of my personal favorites is this phase one wall we completed this year the Rona Barrett Foundation to thank donors who contributed to her affordable senior housing project  the Golden Inn & Village.

and here is another great donor wall that we did for the The PreSchool Place in Bridgewater New Jersey.  The colors of the tiles reflect donor levels – we created a legend that was installed next to the tiles to explain.

If you would like to know how ArtWare can craft a donor recognition tile wall customized to your needs contact us at 800.609.8337 or info@artwareforgood.com


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