Donor Recognition Walls

Milagro Center Donor Recognition Tile Wall

Donor RECOGNITION WallS  are a Powerful and affordable  Way to thank your donors and corporate sponsors

with ArtWare for Good Tile Walls and Plaques, you can build engagement, participation ans support. From an individual  framed piece to a wall spanning an entire building hallway our tile installations are tailored to your particular program and they are very affordable.

The Milagro Center

The Milagro Center in Delray Beach, Florida, is an Arts and Education Program that nurtures the seeds of creativity, builds indestructible self worth and inspires youth to reach their full potential. Their unique combination of Cultural Arts and Living Values ignite “MILAGROS”!

As a student recognition, fundraiser and donor recognition initiative this beautiful tile wall was created. It is composed 400 tiles of stars, each were drawn by the children who participate in the many Milagro programs. The massive mural was installed in the Center’s main lobby.

DPR Construction gives $35,000 to Milagro Center

DPR Construction gives $35,000 to Milagro Center

As a fundraiser, individual, family and corporate donors sponsored a tile with a $250 donation. The donor’s name was printed on their tile(s).

Milagro evergreens the use of their wall by creating these beautifully framed tile recognition plaques to honor their donors and volunteers yearly.

Donor Gifts from Milagro Center cropped

The ymca westfield NJ

In 2012 the YMCA of Westfield called on us with a question.  Having just completed a tile wall for their Aquatics Department utilizing children’s artwork – they wanted to know if we could create a donor recognition wall for them that does not utilize artwork and would have a more sophisticated grown up look to it – to hang in their lobby as they were about to embark on a significant capital campaign to support a major ongoing upgrade of their very busy facility.
YMCA-branded-logos-and-colors-on-tile-wall-installation 600 The YMCA had just undergone a re-branding and it was imperative that we took that into consideration with our design.

Home Slider 6 Art Tile Donors Recognition for YMCA

We developed a program for them that utilizes the branded colors, a satin finish tile which has a very sophisticated feel to it, tiles of various sizes to commemorate the varying degrees of donations and the ability for each donor to be recognized with personalized inscriptions.

YMCA donor wall -checking the master tile list and layout Two weeks before installing the wall the Westfield YMCA was informed that the wall in the lobby where we were going to install the tiles was going to be moved in two years – so we grouped and decided to put the tiles up with Velcro so that we could take them down when the wall will be moved and installed them permanently.

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