Art-Based Fundraising Programs

Here are fresh and inspiring, thoughtful and fulfilling ways to raise funds for your organization with Art.

Since its inception ArtWare has been committed to serving schools, cause based groups and the nonprofit community to raise funds through the “Universal Language of Art.

Our art-based fundraising programs are uniquely designed to help your organization reach its specific goals. Each offering can be tailored to fit your organization’s unique position, vision and mission. We have supported scores of organizations, serving people throughout the world.

We have programs tailored for:


For Schools, Groups and NonProfit Organizations



Are you looking to raise money – Commemorate a Special event – or achieve a special goal – for your organization?

Our Art Tile Wall programs are a wonderful way to create community art installations in K-12 schools, both private and public, as well as for non-profits, churches, synagogues, corporations and other organizations. Also wonderful for commemorative, legacy and donor recognition walls and service learning initiatives.

ArtWare offers for Good three unique art based programs to help you get there. See more Here.


YMCA-branded-logos-and-colors-on-tile-wall-installation 600

We know every YMCA has it owns personality based on its history, location, leadership and members.

And in this each has its own vision and practical realities about what type of fundraising and donor recognition program will bring the best results.

We are sure you would agree that the best place to start is with a conversation. Let us hear what your goals, opportunities and challenges are and in return we will  share our knowledge and experience.

We have had the pleasure of working with numerous YMCA’s around the country over the last 20 years and would love to share two recent projects with you here: More

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Looking to grow or enhance your library?

Library art tile walls are perfect to engage your community and a wonderful way to raise funds, beautify your walls and create collaborative donor recognition. Perhaps you are about to undergo a major renovation or just looking to spruce up your tired walls. An ArtWare for Good tile wall program could be just the thing you are looking for. More.

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Engage your community while supporting your program.

ArtWare for Good art tile walls are a wonderful way to raise funds and engage your members and community.

  • Fundraising
  • Community Building
  • Promoting your cause
  • Capital Campaigns
  • Recognizing and appreciating donors, clients and community members
  • Commemorating significant individuals, events and places
  • Celebrating the creativity of children and adults! More

Our Donor Recognition Programs also provide great benefits. More. 


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