Dodge Foundation Grant

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Category: Art Appreciation Community Projects / Location: Ridge Street School, Newark, New Jersey


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Bob Richardson, one of Ridge Street School’s art teachers is a working artist who works on a large scale with his own artwork.  This is evident in the inspiration of this mural that graces the main hall of the Ridge Street School in Newark NJ.

A K – 8 school Robert enlisted the 8th graders to help re-create the facade of the school.  They spent a lot of time outside sketching and then painting the building to replicate the structure as accurately as possible. Then each student of the school in all grades prepared a self portrait that was collaged onto the mural with the help of the 8th graders.

Bob’s vision was to recreate this mural on tile as he knew the paper version would eventually fade or get destroyed in the hallway.  So we cut up the mural into a grid so that we could transfer the art onto tiles, creating this very powerful installation. We have the Dodge Foundation to thank for the grant that provided the funds to create this masterpiece.