Self Portrait Art Lesson

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Category: Art Appreciation Art Based Fundraising / Location: Upper Montclair, New Jersey
  • Self Portrait Art Lessons
  • Self Portrait Art Lessons
  • Self Portrait Art Lessons


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Why a “Self Portrait Art Lesson?” Well, at ArtWare for Good we love to help you come up with the perfect idea for your art fundraiser.

With this school we worked with the PTO and art teacher and came up with this concept which was very popular with students and parents and guardians alike.

Everyone loves the recognition and empowerment as well as just plain fun that a self portrait gives.  This wall is a great legacy to the class of 2012. It also brought great color and beauty to a old school building.

Some of the great artists most loved work are self portraits, they give a rich view into the heart and mind of the artist.

“Designed to help middle school students begin to answer the important question: “Who Am I?”, these lessons use self-portraits from the National Gallery of Art’s collection to inspire students to create their own self-portraits, poems, speeches, and letters.”