Fundraising and Commemorative Art Tile Walls

Bradfiled Academy Commemorative Tile Wall

Legacy and Commemorative Tile Walls

Commemorative tile walls for graduations and anniversaries are a great way to create a strong community spirit. Because the art for the walls is created by children and often adults of the school it is so very meaningful.

Think of the joy when the out going principle of Colombus Elementary in Thornwood NY saw this Wall Of Hearts” a PTO Sponsored Legacy Art Tile Wall.

Legacy Tile Wall "Wall of Hearts"

Art Tile Wall Projects are also the most exciting fundraising projects as well as a very fulfilling way to commemorate or create a lasting legacy of special events.

ArtWare for Good has been creating wonderful  art tile wall projects for schools and organizations all over the country for since 2004, and since 2012 in many places around the world.

Art Tile Wall Fundraisers

With us you can run fundraising programs to raise money for all sorts of projects, like Sudduth Elementary that hosted a tile wall fundraiser for  a playground in Starksville, Mississippi or Clark Mills Elementary in Englishtown, New Jersey that did a beautiful fundraising Self Portraits Tile Wall that honored students and teachers alike.

Clark Mills Overview 1300

One of our favorite global projects was the Garden of Harmony Tile Wall for the Annata Library in Nepa, a collaboration of five elementary and high schools that raised money for books and supplies and created beautiful tile wall for the library.

Anatta Walls That Unite - Bullock Children with Art

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