Lauren’s Mitzvah Project for SCO Family of Services Campus

Lauren's Installation

“The goal of Lauren’s Mitzvah project was to combine her passion for art with an end product that would have lasting substance in a community where it would bring joy and vibrancy to a place enjoyed by others, preferably children.

Artware for Good was selected to facilitate this effort and they did an incredible job.  Coordination with Diana Polack, although done through emails and telephone conversations, went seamlessly.  We selected a ceramic tile mural to be made from the artistic creations of a large number of children of varied ages and ability that were attending Lauren’s Bat Mitzvah celebration.  All of the needed supplies were brought by Diana and her assistants, and the children were both excited and fully engaged during their participation.  There was something for each of them to do and materials to work with in making their individual creations, no matter what their level of skill was.

When the project was completed, everything was cleaned up, there was no mess to the children or the venue, and all that was left was the anticipation surrounding the transformation of the paper artwork into the ceramic tiles for the murals.  We decided on two murals as we had enough completed artwork by the children, and Lauren did the artwork for the center of each mural.  ArtWare had the finished murals framed and delivered.

The murals were installed on a wall in the recreation room on the campus of a residential program that serves 73 severely disabled children.  It immediately became a focal point and a source of interest for the children and the staff that cares for them.  Lauren’s goal had clearly been reached!  A big thank you went out to ArtWare for the wonderful work they did in making this happen!”

– Elyse Feldman (Lauren’s Mom)

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Lauren Feldman_Mitzvah Project

So How Do Get Started?


We will interview you and your child and make sure that we create a program that is relevant to your needs and will help your Bar/Bat Mitzvah feel proud and accomplished that they helped to make a difference in the world.