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For Part Two of this segment, click here: Part Two – Bullock Video

“Teachers and 5th grade students at the Charles H. Bullock School were featured on “Live from the Couch” for a segment on “Project Nepal” that aired live during the morning broadcast.

Students recently learned about the daily lives of children their own age and older in Nepal from Dr. Cornelia Santschi, a Saint Barnabas Medical Center neuropsychologist who has set up a nonprofit organization to help Nepal’s needy young people. This inspired an effort by the 5th graders to raise funds to purchase books for a library under construction in the South Asian nation.

Working with ArtWare, a Montclair-based fundraising firm, the students intend to raise donations to fund specially decorated ceramic tiles that will be shipped to Nepal and built into the walls of the new library.

For more on Project Nepal, see the Montclair Times and CBS News.”

Take a look at this video of the story and results of Gardens of Harmony project for the Anatta Library at the Peace Grove Nunnery School for Girls in Lumbini, Nepal.

Anatta Tiles Nepal - Garden of Harmony

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