Art-Based Fundraising and Tile Walls for Schools

ArtWare School Fundraising

Are you looking to raise funds,  commemorate a special event, or achieve a special goal for your School?

ArtWare for Good offers three unique art based programs to help you get there.

Our programs are designed to:

  • Raise money for your important school, team or group projects
  • Commemorate special events such as graduations or anniversaries
  • Support curriculum initiatives especially those incorporating art
  • Inspire students through community service and service learning

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ArtWare for Good  Art Tile Walls


Our Art Tile Wall fundraising program is a way to create community art installations in K-12 schools, both private and public, as well as for non-profits, churches, synagogues, corporations and other organizations. Also wonderful for commemorative, legacy and donor recognition walls and service learning initiatives. More


  • Honor the artistic talents of all of your students
  • Run a creative fundraiser that fosters community while raising funds
  • Spruce up the walls of an older institution
  • Commemorate an important event
  • Recognize donors
  • Raise funds for important school projects


  • A milestone or honor a favored leader or member of your community
  • Your graduates with an annual tradition
  • A new building or wing with a school wide tile mural

“wALLS THAT uNITE”  Service Learning with Global Community Outreach


Want to make a difference in your own community, or a  in a village on the other side of the globe. Meet “Walls that Unitea global service learning initiative that organizes and promotes the creation of collaborative art tile walls which educate, connect international communities, raise funds, and enhance the lives of all involved.  More

Art Based Fundraising and Gift Buying


Art based fundraising programs are designed to be fun and easy classroom activities. Programs include a wide array of products that are profitable and ensure minimal time commitment for the coordinator.  These programs are provided by Silver Graphics.

 Why ArtWare is Perfect for You

ArtWare’s fundraising programs tap into the creativity of children and adults alike, creating excitement, inspiring pride, and uniting communities. ArtWare has been providing an inspiring art based fundraising style to schools, churches, and other organizations since 1991. Our easy and successful fundraising strategies raise needed funds to help you reach your goals in a fun and meaningful way. It makes You Feel Good!

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