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Mission Driven Service Learning And Fundraising ProGRAM for Nonprofits

Raise funds, build awareness and create a lasting legacy for Your Organization or a Cause You Wish to Support with ArtWare for Good!

On our mission to develop the most innovative art based fundraising programs for schools and nonprofits we created “Walls That Unite” a global service learning initiative that organizes and promotes the creation of collaborative art tile walls which educate, connect international communities, raise funds, and enhance the lives of all involved.

ArtWare is already involved with projects in the United States, Nepal, Africa, Costa Rica, Honduras and Guatemala and welcomes the opportunity to work with you…. More

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Walls That Unite murals enable you to involve your target audience in a fun, creative and meaningful way. Your community members are actively engaged in creating the imagery that promotes your message. At the same time, your mural project raises funds to facilitate your goals. And in the end, you have a beautiful, lasting legacy for all to see.


engage your community while supporting your program

Walls that Unite tile murals bring together non-profits, schools and the community –both local and global in creative and fruitful partnerships.

One of the key benefits of working with us is that we already have a network of thousands of schools here in the United States to draw on for participation. We actively seek out schools that are looking to partner with non-profits.

Everyone can participate in supporting your cause and making a tile for the legacy wall! Host an art-making day to bring your community together to create art, and engage your mailing list or membership to submit their art from anywhere in the world! affordable – no cost to you!


Walls That Unite creates ceramic tiles out of original artwork. These are not hand painted, glazed tiles. Our unique transfer process creates clear, vibrant images that pop!

Any flat art will work – even collages. You can also feature photographs, logos, print, computer art, or any other original image. promotes community involvement!

Getting Started

Getting started is easy and affordable — there is no up front cost to you! We provide free templates for designing your program and theme, making a flyer for your Walls That Unite project, and instructions for hosting your art-making day (or for sending art in from afar).

You will determine funding levels for your target audience (for example, $25 donation to make one tile, $50 donation to make one tile plus receive a book or gift, etc.). The donation checks are made out to your organization, and you then submit the artwork to ArtWare, along with payment for the tiles. ArtWare will then produce the tiles and send them back to you, along with instructions for mounting your legacy wall, either permanently or on removable panels.

For a modest administrative fee, ArtWare can also provide additional services such as planning the project and theme of your wall, writing and designing your flyers, creating samples for promotion purposes. perfect for publicity and special events!


Sharing the beauty and message

Walls that Unite tile murals provide so many opportunities to promote your message. You can invite press and corporate sponsors to the art-making days, while tiles are being created. And of course, the great unveiling of the complete legacy wall is an ideal occasion for a special event or fundraiser!

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