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Y-USA president, Kevin Washington, speaking to the NY Times said “Lot’s of people know and like the Y, but they see it as a gym and swim place. We’re also a charity, and that is the missing ingredient. We want people to realize that we’re deserving of their charitable donations.”

Here at ArtWare our specialty is providing all sorts of nonprofits and community and religious organizations with creative fundraisers and donor recognition programs. We truly understand the challenges faced with fundraising these days and with the importance of retaining your givers.

We offer a variety of Fundraising and Donor Recognition Programs that can be tailored to meet your organizations vision, goals and objectives.

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We have had the pleasure of working with numerous YMCA’s around the country over the last 20 years and would love to share two recent projects with you here:

Here is how the Westfield Area Y

inspired community engagement, raised money and thanked their donors, in two exciting, inspired, beautiful campaigns.

Objective One:

How to brighten a very white tile wall in the Aquatics Viewing Area – the place where scores of people sit to watch the many swim meets at the Westfield Y’s growing Aquatics Program.  Something that could also be an attractive new project for their annual “Strong Kids Fundraising Campaign.”


Create a series of tile murals to cover the vast space of the wall that was created with art made by Y members (mostly children).

water themed art for aquatics mural copy

We organized a few art making sessions where attendees created art based on a water theme. There was a fee charged for this workshop which paid for each tile along with a fundraising portion that went to the Strong Kids Campaign. Our goal was 96 pieces of art which we made for panel one. Our goal over the next few years is to complete two more panels bringing the total to three.

The Y YMCA Westfield NJ Acquatics Center -Strong-Kids-Tile-Wall

Objective Two:

How to thank donors for their very generous donations made during the capital campaign. The Y was about to undergo major renovations that will last over a few years to update and refresh and expand an extremely busy facility.

  • To recognize each donor in a way that was meaningful with individual expression
  • To be able to subtly recognize each donor based on the monetary donation
  • To temporarily erect the wall due to the nature of piecemeal construction they would be relocating the wall in two years
  • To create a project that can grow with time
    And most importantly
  • Create a memorial that is in-line with the new branding of the Y – utilizing the new colors and logo

The Solution:

It took a year of brainstorming and planning and making a lot of modifications along the way to accommodate the many variables. Two years later we are delighted to say our first installation of the wall is up (in a non-permanent way) and we are on our way to selling tiles for the ever expanding memorial.

YMCA Donor Recognition one tile at at time

The photos of both installations speak greater than any words ….. take a look here …..

We have just begun to similar campaigns with two Y’s in New York State.
Another wonderful project were we have collaborated with many Y’s is to create legacy walls for their preschools and childcare centers.

We look forward to talking to you about how we can help you to raise awareness and funds and thank those who contribute along the way.

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